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Comedy Timing

I’ve been thinking about comedy timing and how I can help my local group improve there’s. A scan round the internet provided very few useful sources on the subject. Lots of people think timing is unteachable, and many can’t even adequately describe what it is. So I’ve pretty much had to work from ground up […]

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Pointless people

What if we could tangibly measure happiness, and also tangibly measure productivity. Some defacto scale that actually meant something. You are happy, you are productive. Then what if we discovered that all the morons who spend their days strolling around doing nothing. All the people attached to iPhones wandering around shops spending money of BS… […]

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At 38, as a father of 2 and under some of the heaviest stress possibly of my life, now, only now do I realise just how much I need my Dad. There’s a voice in your head that you summon up under specific circumstance to help you be something you need to be. As much […]

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How does a person who has lost confidence in there abilities, get it back?

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Never jump to conclusions

Never be to fast to jump to conclusions. For example suppose a friend take over a week to reply to your email about expecting a new baby. Maybe it’s not because they don’t care, maybe it’s because they lost all their money at a stag do in Savannah, and then got lost in the projects […]

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It’s very late…

You have a domain name for years, but you do sod all with it, because you spend all day making web sites. Who builds web sites all day and then comes how and thinks “I know, I’ll unwind by building yet another web site”. Actually the depressing answer to that question is probably billions of […]

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