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Panto script writing continues

Still working on a new panto script. In my last post I had done a lot of initial work on storyline structure. Shortly after that I switched gears and began to think about characters motivation. That instantly changed things up. There were two main characters that needed to have a former relationship, and that alone […]

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Pantomime: Starting a new script

Last year I was given the chance to write and direct my local Amateur Dramatics group’s yearly Pantomime. We did Treasure Island, and it went very well. It was a fantastic experience for me, and the first time I’d written and directed in many years. My one regret is that I didn’t record any of […]

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Design by misuse – Stockholm Scope Creep

A colleague and I identified a specific genus of Scope Creep today. I have labelled it Stockholm Scope Creep*, as you essentially end up helping out someone who is holding you hostage. It is also an example of design by misuse. Essentially it works like this: You build a system. Someone deliberately or accidentally misuses […]

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The Project Process

It seems to be an accepted fact that many technical projects fail, over run and generally fall short. Despite this people still apply the same business processes time and time again.Lets consider the average web project. You gather a set of requirements in an hard to read document, you pass the document around via various […]

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