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Panto script writing continues

Still working on a new panto script. In my last post I had done a lot of initial work on storyline structure. Shortly after that I switched gears and began to think about characters motivation. That instantly changed things up. There were two main characters that needed to have a former relationship, and that alone […]

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Pantomime: Starting a new script

Last year I was given the chance to write and direct my local Amateur Dramatics group’s yearly Pantomime. We did Treasure Island, and it went very well. It was a fantastic experience for me, and the first time I’d written and directed in many years. My one regret is that I didn’t record any of […]

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The other reason for having a character

In impro we’re taught that character and scene work  is important. I think that most people think about this from the point of view of the audience, what it does for the show, how it helps propel a story line, or makes things funny. There is another way to look at it. Being funny is […]

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Creativity, thinking and dissatisfaction

OK… I found this summary on – it’s way better than any a summary I could produce. Our ignorance of our wants and desires is well-established in psychology. Several years ago Timothy Wilson conducted one of the first studies to illustrated this. He asked female college students to pick their favorite posters from five […]

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