Panto script writing continues

Still working on a new panto script. In my last post I had done a lot of initial work on storyline structure. Shortly after that I switched gears and began to think about characters motivation. That instantly changed things up. There were two main characters that needed to have a former relationship, and that alone changed how the whole thing had to work. As a result my story structure is now less solid, but in a weird way better, as the change made it more interesting. (sorry it’s rubbish talking without specific details, but don’t want to say too much about the specific script until I’m into it further).

The second thing that changed was my desire to start working on actual scenes and dialog. My gut suddenly told me it was time to write. I still don’t really know the full story, but I know there’s enough ideas that I’ll work it out.

I’ve not had any long sessions writing yet, time and inclination have been an issue. I love writing when I get started and am on a role, but I hate getting started. I’ve had some 20 minute sessions late at night just to move things along. Better to do frequent and short and make progress than wait for the perfect time, which will never come. I also know I need to push this one out, and I can rework it later – but I’ll feel better as progress gets made.

As soon as I started writing new ideas came in, and some holes appeared in my “envisaging” of the characters. (I basically sat down to write and nothing came out when I hit certain points). At this stage that’s fine, and subsequent musing has lead to two break throughs – a new child character that will help move the introduction forward, and a revelation as to my silly run on/run off character.

I’ve also sat down and searched the internet for jokes. I browse joke sites for particular subjects, and write down any that I like or that have potential to be re-written. This is where most of the kids jokes will come from. I’ll write my own as well, but 50/50 will just be standards. Only way to keep the joke rate up.

Finally I started to think about comic timing. It’s something I want to give lessons on for the new season of rehearsals. I did an internet search and there is surprisingly little out there. Most people don’t know what it is (or rather confuse timing with other time related comic issues). Some people know what it is, but don’t think it can be taught, and I found no one offering tangible exercises or lessons. I’ve had some ideas, so I might put them in a separate blog post.

This post is heartening, cause I am making more progress than I thought. I’m really struggling with confidence. I’m OK, but I spend a lot of time dwelling on whether I’ll make it through the script in time, and will it be any good. Will I get too big for my boots and write something too grown up, or not funny enough. Where will the laughs come from. Am I making something too complex to stage. etc. I have a lot of self doubt. Just need to ignore the end, and get into the now. Keep writing and trust that it will work itself out.

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