Taking a look at CommandBox

Drifted into CommandBox, command line interface for running CFML. Useful intro video on the same page. In short…

  • Multiplatform (Windows, Mac etc) and seemingly CFML engine independent, with a slight bias to Railo/Lucee.
  • Creates a command line window from which you can run commands.
  • Run CFML from the command line
  • They’ve put a lot of time into simple help system, and an intuitive interface (albeit one that feels like an early 80’s text adventure). Kudos to them for taking the time to make it easy.
  • Packaging system (Need to read more, but for brief glimpse a had aspects of Maven)
  • Deployment system, with caching of artifacts for quicker installs
  • Create the equivalent of batch files
  • Lots of built in gumph for automating the use of  other Ortus solutions (which I’m not familiar with as I don’t really use 3rd party)
  • Very easy install

I will play with this thing and see what I find.

On another topic finding this caused me to do a quick search for what’s out there for CFML as a whole – if I was new what would I find. It’s a really fractured landscape. Lots of good stuff, but it really does feel like a tonne of isolated tribes. That’s a shame.

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