Never jump to conclusions

Never be to fast to jump to conclusions. For example suppose a friend take over a week to reply to your email about expecting a new baby. Maybe it’s not because they don’t care, maybe it’s because they lost all their money at a stag do in Savannah, and then got lost in the projects for 4 hours and then missed their flight home. I have some great friends.

I on the other hand am shit at keeping up with my friends news, and have no cool excuse. I should be better at this thing. I find it very hard to sit down and right a emails to the people I have fallen out of contact with. I think it’s a combination of shame for having been such a crap friend and not keeping in contact, and the fear that they’ll either not reply, or reply with indifference. If believe you have ten friends, then by never contacting them you can’t find out that you actually have no friends.

It doesn’t help that I find it easier to write about esoteric garbage than to write about my life. I think there’s something in the rules of friendship that says you can’t start an email to someone you haven’t spoken to in 9 months with a rant about JQuery, or a missive about what a cock you think P-Diddy is. Shame that.

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  1. mordechai swamp fox the original says:

    Well… then,

    I would say that i’m as good as keeping up to date on friends as p-diddy is at singing the venezualen national anthem in mandarin chinese in a duet with JQuery (is that a person?).

    Somehow it’s easy just to get carried away on that spinning roundabout and keep chasing after a whole load of s..t and some good stuff too, without having brain space to slot in some friend time…not an excuse but nevertheless it is what it is… important though to put it right when you realize…

    I stepped off the roundabout for a day last week after a few years…actually i was pushed off by the wife .. sometimes helps…i got up had a quick look around and realized i was doing bugger all in terms of friendship…. my life work balance was about as stable as a runny turd on a slippery log, sliding down a glacier on a meteor heading into a black hole which in reality is the nostril of a hyena in the sarangheti just about to sneeze after recieving a fly up it’s nose (which in actual fact was chasing the turd slipping off the log – clever things flies).

    So now i return. Sheriff Shadow is back in town… skype name hewittdoo

    Sorry for the wait… i had contact constipation….

  2. mordechai swamp fox the original says:

    oh yeah… is your skype bishop grutty?

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