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jQuery Vs Prototype (Shallow dive 01)

I use Prototype, I haven’t used jQuery, but realise that everyone else is. So here’s my first shallow dive into the differences between them: Prototype: The $(‘someId’|DOM Object) functionality of Prototype returns a DOM element object that has been extended to have a variety of new utility functions. $$(CSS Selector) returns an array of Prototype […]

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The Project Process

It seems to be an accepted fact that many technical projects fail, over run and generally fall short. Despite this people still apply the same business processes time and time again.Lets consider the average web project. You gather a set of requirements in an hard to read document, you pass the document around via various […]

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It’s very late…

You have a domain name for years, but you do sod all with it, because you spend all day making web sites. Who builds web sites all day and then comes how and thinks “I know, I’ll unwind by building yet another web site”. Actually the depressing answer to that question is probably billions of […]

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